HP-CGT(Al) Aluminum Foil Corrugated Tube

Product Details

■ Application:
Aluminum Corrugated Tube is widely applied in the field of auto air-condition units, auto cables, power steering devices. We are able to design and produce customized heat protection hoses according to your requirements.
■ Characteristics:
●Material: PP
●Temperature Range: -40°C to 135°C
●Great Shape permanence to heat
●Enormous cold impact strength
●High Strength
●Bending Stabile
●Excellent Chemical Resistance

■ Size:

Code No.OD(mm)ID(mm)


HP-CGT-C/S Φ66±0.39±0.3≥0.25
HP-CGT-C/S Φ77±0.310±0.3≥0.25
HP-CGT-C/S Φ88±0.312±0.3≥0.25
HP-CGT-C/S Φ99±0.313±0.3≥0.25
HP-CGT-C/S Φ1010±0.314±0.3≥0.25
HP-CGT-C/S Φ1111±0.315±0.3≥0.25
HP-CGT-C/S Φ1212±0.316±0.3≥0.27
HP-CGT-C/S Φ1313±0.317±0.3≥0.27
HP-CGT-C/S Φ1414±0.318±0.3≥0.27
HP-CGT-C/S Φ1515±0.319±0.3≥0.27
HP-CGT-C/S Φ1616±0.320±0.3≥0.27
HP-CGT-C/S Φ1717±0.321±0.3≥0.27
HP-CGT-C/S Φ1818±0.322±0.3≥0.27
HP-CGT-C/S Φ1919±0.323±0.3≥0.27
HP-CGT-C/S Φ2020±0.325±0.3≥0.30
HP-CGT-C/S Φ2222±0.327±0.3≥0.30
HP-CGT-C/S Φ2525±0.330±0.3≥0.30
HP-CGT-C/S Φ2828±0.334±0.3≥0.35
HP-CGT-C/S Φ3030±0.336±0.3≥0.35
HP-CGT-C/S Φ3232±0.338±0.3≥0.35
HP-CGT-C/S Φ3535±0.340±0.3≥0.40
HP-CGT-C/S Φ4040±0.345±0.3≥0.40

Other Size and wall thickness is available as customer’s order.
We can pack according to customer’s requests.
The standard color is Silver.

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