HP-CAS-436 Cold Applied Splices

Product Details

■ Application:
HP-CAS-436cold applied splice product line is designed as a single-component in-line splice that requires no heat to install. It seals the termination and prevents the ingress of moisture which can lead to insulation failure and breakdown of the electrical connection.
In this product, sealing is achieved by replacing traditional methods, such as grommets, greases, and tapes with a novel gel technology. A polymer outer layer provides electrical isolation.
■ Characteristics:
● One-step termination and environmental protection
● No heating required for installation — safe for use on fueled aircraft
● Reliable in a wide variety of environmental conditions
● Easy installation and application flexibility
● Prevents water ingress under permanent pressure/weight
● Temperature range: -65℃ to 150℃
● Dielectric strength: 2,500 V Maximum

■ Technical Data:

Test ItemCharacteristicsTest condition
UnagedTensile strengthMin. 18MPaRoom temp
AgedTensile strengthMin. 12MPa158℃/7 days
ElongationMin. 100%

Voltage withstand and breakdown


Withstand 2.5KV for 1 minute and breakdownRoom temp.
Voltage withstand and breakdown 

Withstand 2.5KV for 1 minute and breakdown at least half of unaged breakdown voltage158℃/7 days
Copper corrosionNo corrosion of bare copper158℃/7 days
Copper stabilityNo sign of degradation Min. Elongation 100%158℃/7 days
Cold bendNo crack-30℃/4 hrs
Maximum secant modulus (2%)250MPa-
Volume resistivityMin. 1014Ω-cm-
Heat shockNo crack250℃/4 hrs

■ Size:

Part No
End Cap
Color code
L±1.0 (mm)ФA±0.5 (mm)ФB±0.25 (mm)ФC±0.5 (mm)E±0.25 (mm)J±0.25 (mm)Wire Range

Other sizes are available upon request.
Standard color: Red, Blue,Yellow.

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