HP-CGT Corrugated Tubing

Product Details

■ Application:
Corrugated Tube is flexible, flame-retardant tube. It has excellent electrical and physical properties, including excellent acid fastness and corrosion resistance. It is suitable in automotive electronics, terminal lugs, small electrical parts, lead wires of toy motors and transformers etc.
■ Characteristics:
●Material: PP
●Temperature Range: -40°C to 135°C
●Great Shape permanence to heat
●Enormous cold impact strength
●High Strength
●Bending Stabile
●Excellent Chemical Resistance

■ Size:

Code No.OD(mm)ID(mm)


HP-CGT-C/S Φ66±0.39±0.3≥0.25
HP-CGT-C/S Φ77±0.310±0.3≥0.25
HP-CGT-C/S Φ88±0.312±0.3≥0.25
HP-CGT-C/S Φ99±0.313±0.3≥0.25
HP-CGT-C/S Φ1010±0.314±0.3≥0.25
HP-CGT-C/S Φ1111±0.315±0.3≥0.25
HP-CGT-C/S Φ1212±0.316±0.3≥0.27
HP-CGT-C/S Φ1313±0.317±0.3≥0.27
HP-CGT-C/S Φ1414±0.318±0.3≥0.27
HP-CGT-C/S Φ1515±0.319±0.3≥0.27
HP-CGT-C/S Φ1616±0.320±0.3≥0.27
HP-CGT-C/S Φ1717±0.321±0.3≥0.27
HP-CGT-C/S Φ1818±0.322±0.3≥0.27
HP-CGT-C/S Φ1919±0.323±0.3≥0.27
HP-CGT-C/S Φ2020±0.325±0.3≥0.30
HP-CGT-C/S Φ2222±0.327±0.3≥0.30
HP-CGT-C/S Φ2525±0.330±0.3≥0.30
HP-CGT-C/S Φ2828±0.334±0.3≥0.35
HP-CGT-C/S Φ3030±0.336±0.3≥0.35
HP-CGT-C/S Φ3232±0.338±0.3≥0.35
HP-CGT-C/S Φ3535±0.340±0.3≥0.40
HP-CGT-C/S Φ4040±0.345±0.3≥0.40

Other Size and wall thickness is available as customer’s order.
We can pack according to customer’s requests.
The standard color is Black.

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