Double-wall heat shrink tubing with plastic waterproof strange

Today, a customer asked to: with plastic heat shrink tubing is not waterproof function? Heat shrinkable tube with tape glue known as double-walled heat shrink tubing, the outer protective layer is a polyolefin with wear, the inner layer is a hot melt adhesive having a waterproof function. There are two structures so we often called: with plastic heat shrink tubing, double-wall heat shrink tubing with plastic double-wall heat shrink tubing.

Protective Case with plastic double-wall heat shrink tubing, which are mostly used in outdoor heat shrink tubing, water, moisture, buried ground handling. Cables and cable terminal docking repair will be used to double-wall heat shrink tubing, through the use of new and old customers to prove, performance becomes evident, waterproof with good results.