Heat shrinkable materials industry depth study

Automotive wire harness with a heat-shrinkable material, China's market share is expected to further improve. China's domestic market share shrink material used in automobile manufacturing is still very low, only about 20%, 80% of global market share in the United States and Japan's Sumitomo occupy Raychem, as the domestic auto industry certification in full by and cost advantages, automotive thermal casing of market share is expected to further improve, the current domestic production of cars with double-wall heat shrink tubing price of only 20% -50% of the US Raychem, Sumitomo of Japan. According to the current domestic situation of the automotive industry supply analysis, if all replaced in the domestic automotive thermal casing, the average value of each car using about 100-200 yuan, while the use of heat-shrinkable tubing overseas prices 200-500 yuan. Suppose China Automotive improve with heat-shrinkable tubing market share to 40%, annual global output of 70 million sets of calculations, China's auto market space with heat shrink tubing will reach about 4.2 billion. And the current automotive heat-shrinkable tubing gross margin between 40-50%, higher than the industry average.