High Efficiency Stainless Steel Metal Terminal

Basic Info
  • Model NO.: Terminal Box

  • Structure: Protection

  • Form: Partly-welded Type

  • Size: 2 Uint

  • Shell Material: Stainless Steel

  • Brand: FUJI

  • Overheat Protector: with

  • Type: Distribution Metering Box

  • Certification: ISO9001:2000, CCC

  • Operation Voltage: Low Voltage

  • Application Range: High-rise Buildings

  • Shell Protection Grade: IP56

  • Medium pH Value: 4-10

Product Description

Reduce Pressure and Start The Switch Boated
Product Description
 reduce pressure and start switch board what JJ No. 1 reduce pressure and start switch board retrofit product suitable for exchanging 50 HZs by this series of products since coupling since coupling( or 60 HZs), The voltage is 380 Vs, the power is from 18. KW three-phase mice envelope 5 - type act as and reduce pressure and start, Having had year, lack many kinds of protection of holding up to electronic machines etc, this series of products are done while forming a complete set for the submersible pump of our factory specially, Increase electrical machinery exceed warm to protect by stator and water pump oil room leak and protect and make corresponding to show to troubles.

Applicable Working Conditions
The work that the starter can be reliable under the following condition: Around supreme air exceed each by 40 temperature, minimum temperature lower than -5 each.
The average values of 24 hs of temperature of ambient air do not exceed +35 degrees.
The infield above sea level does not highly exceed 2000 ms.
Equally most to 90% heavy humidities moon air( the temperature is 25 degrees on average).
It have it pollute electric conductivity or can't expect congeal and reveal and make a dry one pollute and turn into the environments of electric conduction of at electric conductivity( classes of pollution for the 3rd grade ). 2. The switch board is suitable for the following work system:
Long-term work system
Eight-hour day
The work system when being repeated and short: It lasts frequency to be from 12s it is second-class at amounts /h.
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