High temperature heat shrink tubing have? What is the role?

High temperature heat shrink tubing with a high temperature, high mechanical strength, chemical resistance, etc., are widely used in cable insulation, insulated Duanmo or joint or stress relief, wire coating and insulation protection processing, solder joint protection, covering electronic components, resistors, capacitors insulation, metal products, rust, corrosion treatment, labeled or marked wire color and so on. High-temperature heat-shrinkable tube according to temperature class and the use of the environment can be divided into: 105 ℃ heat-shrinkable tube, 125 ℃ heat-shrinkable tube, 135 ℃ heat-shrinkable tube, 150 ℃ heat-shrinkable tube, 175 ℃ heat-shrinkable tube, 200 ℃ thermal control, 260 ℃ heat shrink tubing.

High temperature flame retardant heat shrinkable tube, insulation, heat resistance, heat shrink tubing is a special polyolefin material of heat-shrinkable tubing, also called the EVA material.

It has a soft and flexible. Heat (125 degrees) will shrink, widely used in a variety of wiring harness, solder joints, inductor insulation, metal pipes, rods rust and corrosion.

Commonly used on wire connectors, choose the right heat shrink tubing, set in the wire connectors, heated with hot air gun, heat shrink tubing shrink, put the joint stuck. Heating method: use the hair dryer, hot air, shrinking machine can be.