How to buy high-quality double-wall heat shrink tubing?

With plastic double-wall heat shrink tubing outer layer of cross-linked polyolefin material, an inner layer of hot melt adhesive composite processing, the outer layer has insulation, corrosion, wear, etc., the inner layer having a low melting point, sealing and mechanical strain buffering advantages. Widely used in electronic equipment wiring waterproof, leakproof gas, sealed and fixed, corrosion protection of metal pipes, wire and cable repair, wiring waterproof and other occasions.

Currently adhesive double-wall heat shrink tubing way on the market are:

1, co-extruded type; polyolefin and hot melt adhesive is coextruded from the device,

2, the direct coating type; after hot melt adhesive is melted using Scratch approach to production,

3, spiral glue: and direct coating type is not the only way rubberized coated spiral