Shrink Solder Seal Sleeve Wire Splices

Product Detail

Product Description

One piece design, it consists of translucent heat shrinkable sleeve (G-APEXP/N ABS) and fluxed solder. Provides insulation, inspection, strain relief and is water proof. The color tube appear a proper wire size and makes installation easy and lowers the installed cost.

Shrinkage ratio 3: 1
Waterproof fir wiring splices
Easy control soldering proves
Translucent sleeve provides precise inspection

Operating temperature rang:
Operating temperature: -55. ~125...
Fully recovery temperature: 130.
Starting temperature of solder melt: 125.
Temperature of fully solder melt: 150.

Part No. Max. Bundle dia. Length(mm)
JFST-17 1.7mm ApproX23
JFST-27 2.7mm ApproX23
JFST-45 4.5mm ApproX40
JFST-60 6.0mm ApproX40

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