Construction Shrink Cable Accessories Installation Considerations Detailed Instructions

Construction shrink cable accessories installation considerations detailed instructions

Shrink construction:

A shrink cable accessories reduce excessive human factors, in the construction, long deprived of the inside of the plastic shrink-wire core can take the initiative to shorten, to shorten the process is not due to human factor causes the insulating tube shorten uneven appearance appear. Then ensure the quality of construction.

B shrink in accordance with procedures to shorten a shortened from one end to the other end, this program can not be changed, shortening the process to ensure that the bubble does not appear.

C dangerous petrochemical occasions. Construction avoids the use of heat shrink and become secure.

Shrink construction:

A thermal influence by the level of construction is relatively large, it will cause uneven heating division insulating tube shorten Bohou uneven, and some even did not shorten some foundation, resulting in a shortened uneven thickness, thin and breakdown of local briefly appear in doubt.

B in shrink during the heating process, simple to grasp because of the degree of heating is not good cause burning insulation tubes and other conditions occur, greatly affect the function of the insulating pipe insulation.

C shrink during the heating process, can be heated from one end to the other end, it can be heated by the center to the ends, so the process is very simple cause shorten bubbles.

D is to prevent the use of open flames and other heat sources in the local area, such as the petrochemical, chemical, etc., assuming use increases the risk that can cause severe trouble.