Different Between HP-DW And HP-DW-AT

Our company could supply two kinds of dual wall tubing,one is:

HP-DW   Heat Shrink Dual wall Tubing(with Adhesive) 

The other is:

HP-DW-AT  Heat Shrink Dual wall Tubing(Adhesive Thicker) ATUM

The different between series HP-DW and HP-DW-AT as below:

It is the glue thickness for the two kinds of products.

The glue in HP-DW is less than HP-DW-AT.

(You can check attach the special sheet"w2" for the two kinds of product)

Because you can check the picture as below:

When people use the tubing shrink on the wire,if they just shrink on one wire,

the glue thickness in HP-DW is enough.

But when they use the tubing shrink on two or more wires.

The need the glue more to make it in good protect.

the glue thicknedd in HP-DW-AT is better.