Fiberglass Pipe Prospects

It is understood that glass fiber is a very good metallic materials substitute materials, with the rapid development of market economy, glass fibers become construction, transportation, electronics, electrical, chemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, national defense and other industries essential raw materials. Because widely used in many fields, and therefore, the glass fiber increasing people's attention, is becoming a sunrise industry.

"If you go in accordance with the building materials division, it belongs to a traditional glass industry; but if according to materials science point of view, it belongs to the new glass industry, because it belongs to the new material, a lot of new applications," said Wang Hui, a lot to be used in the field of composite materials, as a composite material, glass has its own unique advantages, is a good prospect of products. Moreover, fiberglass products are very consistent with the current low-carbon economy. Because with the popularity of low-carbon economy, many traditional products, such as automotive, aviation, aerospace and in the light of the development, is bound to reduce the amount of high density metal materials, increase the amount of glass fiber and other composite materials.