Heat Shrinkable Tube Insulation Material Uses What?

First, the definition of heat shrink tubing insulation material

1, a broad definition:

Itcan prevent current through the material, commonly known as non-conductive material.

2, scientific definitions:

Able to build a strong electric field of the material, the insulation resistance coefficient shall in 107ΩNaN above, such a substance called a dielectric or insulating material.

Second, the main purpose heat shrink tubing insulation material

Heat shrinkable tube insulation material as long as it will be part charged with uncharged portions or portions with different potentials to isolate from each other so that the current can go to designated routes by the flow of people, the insulating material is essential material in electrotechnical products .

Heat shrinkable tube insulation material applications is very wide, in addition to generators and power transmission equipment manufacturing, but also widely used in various electrical, electronics, communications, electronic products, household appliances, transportation, automobile, rail and vehicle manufacturing, aerospace and manufacturing machine 悈 other fields. It can be said insulating material everywhere.