High Temperature Heat Shrink Tubing Classification

By the use of high temperature thermal casing environmental and temperature levels can be divided into: 125 ℃ heat-shrinkable tube, 135 ℃ heat-shrinkable tube, 150 ℃ heat-shrinkable tube, 175 ℃ heat-shrinkable tube, 200 ℃ heat-shrinkable tube, 260 ℃ heat shrinkable tube medical heat-shrink tubing. High-temperature heat-shrinkable tubing with a high temperature, high mechanical strength, chemical resistance, etc., are widely used in cable insulation treatment or stress insulation, Duanmo or connection is released, the wire coating and insulation protection processing, solder joint protection , covering electronic components, resistors, capacitors insulation, metal products, rust, corrosion treatment, labeled or marked wire color and so on.

High-temperature heat-shrinkable tubing for its outstanding performance, not only as aerospace, advanced technology, military technology sector specialty materials, but also for the various sectors of the national economy, has expanded its scope of application: metallurgy, construction, electrical and electronics , textile, automobile, machinery, chemical light and so on, with the improvement of the domestic organic silicon and other raw materials production levels, the tremendous space for development.