Silicone Fiberglass Sleeving Material Properties

Silicone resin is mainly used for the preparation of silicone varnish, silicone coatings, silicone adhesives and silicone plastic. High-grade exterior house paint and other high-performance coatings is the main market of the silicone resin, the main varieties of modified polyester and modified acrylic resin. Furthermore, electronic / electrical industry silicon resin consumption growth faster, but also an important impetus for the future development of the global silicone market prospect is very broad.

1. electrical insulating varnish: electrical appliances volume, quality and age, there is a great relationship with the properties of electrical insulating materials. Therefore, the industry requires the use of a variety of electrically insulating paint, including coil varnish, glass cloth impregnated with paint, mica bonding insulating paint and electrical and electronic protective silicon paint.

2. Coating: Silicone resin has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, weatherability, hydrophobic and other characteristics, combined with available colorless and transparent and have good bonding properties and wear resistance of the anti-stick coating stripping paint and moisture-proof water-repellent coating .