HP-PBox(DW)B/R/C Shrink Dual Wall Tubing Black/Red/Clear

Product Details

■ Application:
HP-PBox(DW)B is PaperBox of HP-DW.It is customized minipacking, mainly for MRO (Mainterance Repairness Operation ) market.HP-DW is manufactured by co-extrusion of irradiated cross-linking polyolefin and hot-melt adhesive. This tubing may be used in a wide variety of electrical applications, including back end connector sealing, breakouts, and connector-to-cable transitions. High expansion ratio makes it possible to repair most damaged cable jackets without removing connectors.HP-DW is anti rodent sleeve, it can protect cable from rat. This product is UL listed under file number E361230.
■ Characteristics:
●Material: Polyolefin, hot-melt adhesive
●Shrink ratio: 3:1
●Operating range : -55℃--+125℃
●Waterproof and moisture protection
●Good sealing of irregular shapes
●Flammability : VW-1
●UL, RoHS and REACH compliant.

■ Technical Data:



Test method

Typical data

Longitudinal shrinkage


ASTM D 2671


Tensile strength

10.3MPa min.

ASTM D 638

≥12 MPa

Elongation at break

200% min.

ASTM D 638


Tensile strength after ageing (158℃,168hrs)

70% of original

ASTM D 638


Elongation after ageing (158℃,168hrs)

100% min.

ASTM D 638


Heat shock

No crack

ASTM D 2671

No crack

Low-temperature flexibility(-55℃,4hrs)

No crack

ASTM D 2671

No crack

Dielectric voltage withstand

2500V,60sec, no breakdown

ASTM D 2671

No breakdown

Volume resistivity

1014Ω·cm min.

ASTM D 876


Copper corrosion

No corrosion

ASTM D 2671

No corrosion






No.Part No.DetailsColorM/Set
1HP-PBox(DW)B-3.0/1.0HP-DW Φ3.0/1.0Black10
2HP-PBox(DW)B-6.0/2.0HP-DW Φ6.0/2.0Black5
3HP-PBox(DW)B-9.0/3.0HP-DW Φ9.0/3.0Black5
4HP-PBox(DW)B-12.0/4.0HP-DW Φ12.0/4.0Black5
5HP-PBox(DW)B-18.0/6.0HP-DW Φ18.0/6.0Black4
6HP-PBox(DW)B-24.0/8.0HP-DW Φ24.0/8.0

Wall thickness includes adhesive thickness.
Other sizes are available upon request.
Standard color: Black,Red,Clear

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